The uniquely designed TAGEVAC™ system provides a fast, simple and safe method to check designated ‘zones’ within any building or groups of buildings are clear on evacuation.

The simple mechanical system uses a magnetic tag located within a ‘Tag Station’ fixed at a suitable location within each designated zone. Each of these stations comprises a fixed acrylic panel with customer-specific text information including zone colour, zone wording and ID details, all back-printed for protection.

Each tag is protected by a quality Perspex ‘stopper’ unit which helps prevent unwanted removal of the tag until needed. For additional protection the “stopper” unit is available with an integral 105db sounder and the option for an anti-tamper seal on both versions.

The system is manufactured so that each Tag corresponds to a matching location in the Control Board, simplified by the use of colour specific areas as required on each individual client basis.
On fitting the tag into the Control Board the ‘Zone’ is changed from status ‘Unchecked’ to ‘Checked’.

Each Tag Control Board can accommodate up to 10 zones. For smaller sites the Short Form folder is available and takes two Tag Control Boards. Therefore the zones can be layout as either a list or tabulated format.

For larger sites containing three or more Tag Control Boards these can be held in either an additional Short Form Folder if preferred or a purpose-made ring binder. The ring binder option can be used together with a wall mount to display the Control Boards at the ‘Control Point’, and ensures each Fire Warden can locate their tag without delay.

On activation of the fire alarm and with the evacuation underway, the designated Fire Wardens proceed to check their allocated ‘zone’ is clear. Once confirmed the Fire Warden removes their tag and proceeds to the ‘Control Point’, being either the Fire Assembly Point or alternative agreed location where the Tag Control Board is situated.

The Control Board is normally held by the Fire Safety Manager or the person in charge of the Fire Evacuation and whose duties will also consist of meeting the Fire and Rescue Service on their arrival to site.

On arrival the Fire & Rescue Service can immediately identify which zones (if any) have not been ‘Checked’ and prioritise their action accordingly.







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