Case Studies

EMC2 Tower - Brentwood

EMC’s London based UK headquarters is a prestigious seven storey archiving and data storage facility with priceless data for thousands of companies stored within.

EMC Tower The security and safety of the site and staff is of the highest priority.

The building is occupied by some 800 key staff, many of whom also work from various remote locations. This fluctuation in staffing levels provides an additional concern, which is ensuring that the effective management of all staff present at any given time can be achieved practically.

FMS Limited is the Facilities Management Company responsible for managing all health & safety issues for EMC. When their Building Services Manager was introduced to the new TAGEVAC™ system the benefits were immediately obvious and they decided to incorporate this system within their existing Emergency Plan to provide clarity of information during an evacuation. This also provided an opportunity to evaluate the existing appointment of Fire Wardens and how this could be improved where necessary to ensure suitable and sufficient coverage throughout all areas of the building at all times.

To clarify their zoning, FMS decided to split each floor level in two (East and West) and for other areas with clearly defined departmental boundaries, such as the Restaurant and the EMC ZonesUniversity IT Labs, these were also zoned separately. The overriding principle was to ensure that each zone could be effectively checked by each relevant fire warden quickly without jeopardising safety.



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